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CNC Production is the quickest, most accurate and most cost-effective method of producing medium to large batches of identical parts. Our design and manufacturing engineers use computer aided design and manufacturing software for rapid design and setting up of production jobs. Using an efficient workflow for design and to programme work through production allows us to offer a competitive cost and turnaround on your products while maintaining revision accuracy and quality.
Your design drawing is transferred into our CAD package which we then use to produce production drawings. These are returned to you for approval and form part of the manufacturing process once they are signed off as correct. After you have approved the production drawings, the design is entered into a CAM programme which breaks the design into stages of manufacture. Finally post processing software translate the output of the CAM files into instructions for our machines to make the products or components.

Product Exhibition

Machines & Workshop

We have conventional machines with a machining capacity of 1.2m DIA x 200mm & 500 DIA x 4m between centres.

CNC Milling & CNC Turning  – various types that can machine up to 600mm diameter.

Pipe machining – through spindle 128mm, with capacity to machine pipes up to that diameter.

We offer various other machine services like Slot cutting, Gear cutting, Radial arm drilling, Gear driven drill, General Milling & Fabrication

Quality Control

Each product goes through quality control. With calibrated equipment and trained quality personnel, we assure that the size and workmanship meet our high standards. Products are either failed or passed and the  results are written on a QC chart for traceability.

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